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Can we use busbars for GV2L breakers that are installed directly on ATV320 book (ATV320HU22N4)? Will there be a gap between drives?

Published date: 21 February 2019

1. Installation of GV2L on ATV320..B (without busbars)
GV2L breakers can be installed directly on ATV320 book only for size 1B and 2B. 

When breaker in installed on size 1B (U04N4B..U11N4B) its width (45mm) exactly matches ATV width. 
But if you install GV2L on size 2B, where ATV has 60mm width versus 45mm width of GV2, the drives can be aligned side by side without the gap, but there will be 15mm gap between GV breakers. 

2. Installation of GV2L on ATV320..B without busbars
Dimensions are descibed in (1).
Nevertheless there is another limitation. Pitch of available busbars. 

Extract form PCP catalog page B2/17 shows the busbars for GV2L are available with pitch 45mm, 54mm or 72mm. 
For ATV320 size 1B, the busbar with pitch 45mm will exactly match GV2L and ATV320. No gap between neighbor GV2L or ATV320 will exist.
But for ATV320 size 2B, due to ATV width of 60mm, it is possible to use busbar only with 72mm pitch (GV2G472 or GV2G272) 

It means that: 
- there will be a gap of 12mm between neighbor ATV320U22N4 drives 
- there will be a gap of 27mm between neighbor GV2L breakers. 

Sorry to say that ATV320U22N4 cannot be aligned side by side when using GV2L+busbar. 
GV2 and busbars were earlier on the market than ATV32, so design of GV2 and busbars had not taken ATV dimensions in account.

For overview when size 2B is intalled with GV2L and busbars, shape of ATV320 and dimensions have been added to attached extrract from PCP catalog 2019. 

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