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How do I create a Recipe with EcoStruxure Machine Expert?

Published date: 11 March 2019

Usually the recipe is created on the HMI side with Vijeo Designer but there might be cases where the recipe needs to be be part of the controller application.

Product Line:

SoMachine V4.1  
EcoStruxure Machine Expert V1.0



1) From the Tool Tree, right-click on Application and add the Recipe Manager.

2) Add a Recipe Definiton.

3) Define the Recipe Column.  You can add the Variable and the Current Value.

4) Define the recipe by adding the ingredient.

5) Add a label name to each ingredient.

6) Create the new recipe and enter the value.

7) Create a new POU and use the LoadRecipe and WriteRecipe to test the recipe.  Those function blocks are part of the Recipe Management library which is automatically install when using the Recipe manager

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