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PME 9.0 - Dashboards and SlideShow won't work after upgrade from 8.1/8.2 if Azzo Gadgets Pack is installed

Published date: 02 April 2019

PME in-place upgrade from PME 8.1/8.2 to PME 9.0, if the Azzo Gadgets Pack is installed, the Web Application - Dashboards will fail to load:
"Unable to load framwork - There was a problem initializing one or more framework items. If this problem persists contact the sytem administrator. Issue: The framework timed out during load."

Note that attemping to Uninstall the Azzo Gadgets - will NOT work. The Dashboard page will load and the library will appear, however all the dashboards will be blank and when attemping to create a new gadget will display the following message - "Gadget Setup - never shown": 

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert  9.0, Power Monitoring Expert 9.0 CU1

Upgrade - Migration - PME 8.1/8.2 to PME 9.0 with Azzo Gadgets Pack is installed

1) When upgrading to PME 9.0, additional steps are required post upgrade if certain AZZO extensions are present. This is primarily to ensure all components are updated and any saved definitions are mapped appropriately to the updated versions - The files from previous version need to be update to be compatible with 9.0. 
2) If the Azzo Gadgets were uninstalled, some of files get removed - this won't allow the dashboards and the slideshow to load properly. 

Resolution 1 - Azzo has released an Upgrade Note - attached to this article. Right after upgrading the system, run the Upgrade Pack provided by Azzo - It can be found:
Exchange community:
AZZO Yammer Product Update Channel:

Resolution 2 - If the Azzo Gadget has been unistalled:
1) Stop all three ION ApllicationModules windows services
2) Replace the whole existing folder "Content" with the one attached into - or from a healthy system (same version and CU if applies). 
  • %\Power Monitoring Expert\applications\Dashboards
  • %Power Monitoring Expert\applications\Slideshow
3) Start all three ION ApllicationModules windows services

Note that the Azzo gadgets will not be available - they were uninstalled! 


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