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BMENOC0311 Firmware Compatibility Rule for PV and SV

Published date: 05 April 2019

Hardware component changes were made to the BMENOC0311.  The hardware changes also require a new minimum firmware version (SV) for the module.  

Product Line
The hardware change is identified by a specific PV number on the module.
BMENOC0311's that contain the hardware component change are identified by a PV14.

BMENOC0311's at PV14 or higher have a minimum firmware version of 2.15 that can be installed.  

Although firmware versions less than 2.15 can be installed, they are not recommended as the backplane port of the BMENOC0311 becomes disabled, regardless of the configured parameter.  If an earlier version is inadvertently installed, r
e-installing a firmware version of 2.15 or higher will allow the user to ‘enable’ or ‘disable’ the backplane port.

BMENOC0311's at PV13 or lower will accept all firmware versions. 


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