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How to create a color animation in Vijeo Designer that displays for specific and non-sequential values only?

Published date: 15 April 2019

Create a color animation in Vijeo Designer

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Vijeo Designer

In order to create a color animation that only displays for specific values in Vijeo Designer, you will need to use a Color Animtation enabled object, such as a Circle or Rectangle.
Follow this procedure below to setup the object:

1) Draw a Circle object
2) Double click on the Circle and select the Color Tab
3) Set the Mode as "By State"
4) Set the Data Type as "Integer Types"
5) Beside Value List, press the [...] button to open the Value List dialog
6) Map the individual states to the values that you need to use. (ex State1=10, State2=12, State3=19)
7) Create a Color Animation for your X number of states by creating a new resource directly from the object.
8) Assign the Color resource to the object.

With the setup above, at runtime, we will be able to dispay a different color for each value specified in the Value list.

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