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How do you diagnose the cause of "DIS" error on Lexium32 drives?

Published date: 15 April 2019

Diagnose the cause of "DIS" error on Lexium32 drives

Product Line:

1- First, check to see if the STO_A and/or STO_B inputs are active.  This is done by reading the parameter "Sto" via the biult-in HMI.  Navigate to NON > STO and then view the status of the Safety inputs
2- Second, verify that the drive is not missing the main AC voltage or if the drive is operating from 3 phase mains that one of the mains phases is not missing.  This is done by reading the parameter "udca" via the built-in HMI. Navigate to NON > udcA and view the actual DC bus voltsage level.  The DC bus voltage must be approximately in the range of the values seen in the attached PDF document. The document lists the nominal DC bus voltages for LXM32 drives based on the incoming mains supply voltage.


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