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How to make a property change on multiple objects at the same time in Vijeo Designer

Published date: 16 April 2019

Property change on multiple objects at the same time

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer (all versions)

In Vijeo Designer, making a property change on multiple objects can be a tedious task if you do not make use of the functions available in Vijeo Designer. In Vijeo Designer, you are able to select multiple objects using the "Select" tool. Once you select a group of objects, you will notice that the property inspector will show the common properties in black and the uncommon properties in blue. You are able to change any of the properties shown in the black color for the entire selection of objects. This will save you time when you need to change one common property for many objects.

In addition, this same principle applies for the variable list. To select all variables, simple click on the first row, hold the SHIFT key, and click on the last row. (Note: You may need to sort your variables by Name or Source to be able to select all). Once you have selected all your tags, you can use the Property Inspector to make the changes to the property of your choice for all the tags selected. If you wish to select a small subset of variables, simply hold the CTRL key and click on the row you wish to edit.

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