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How do I enable / disable the Output Phase Loss function on the ATV31 / ATV312 series drives?

Published date: 21 May 2019

Output Phase Loss function needs to be enabled / disabled.

Product line:
ATV31 and ATV312


Clarification of product capabilities

Remove any run command present on the drive, this parameter can not be changed if a command to run is present.  Drive should show RDY on the screen.
Press the Enter button (large knob in the middle of the faceplate of the drive) and scroll to the FLt menu.  
Press Enter and scroll to OPL parameter.
Press Enter and choose between three settings:
     NO - Function inactive
     YES - Function activated, fault will be triggered by this function.
     OAC - Function activated, fault will NOT be triggered by this function but the output will be cut and no power will be applied to the motor.

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