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How do we configure Vijeo Designer Alarms to save to CSV file?

Published date: 26 June 2020

Configure Alarms to save to CSV file

Product Line: 
Vijeo Designer (all versions)

In order to configure Vijeo Designer to save your Alarms to a CSV file, we need to setup several things in the application. This demostration will assume that your Vijeo Designer application already has Alarm variables setup correctly.

To begin setting up the save to CSV file feature, please follow the procedure below:

1) In your Vijeo Designer application, first setup the "Data Locations" setting for "Runtime Data Location: (Data Logging, Alarm & Event, and Media)" to the desired drive "Secondary Drive" or "Optional Drive".
2) Next, double click on the Alarm Group that you wish to save to file.
3) Check the "Save to File" check box and press the "Configure" button.
4) In the dialog that appears, assign a variable to control when the Alarms are written to file in the "Control Variable" field. You can create a variable called "WriteAlarmsToFile" for this example.
5) Similarily, assign a variable for the file number in the "File No. Variable" field. You can create a variable called "FileNoVar" for this example.
6) Keep all other settings as default for now (you can customize them afterwards if you wish) and press "OK" and then "OK" again.
7) On a panel, create a Numeric Display and assign it to "WriteAlarmsToFile". Ensure to enable Input.
8) On the same panel, draw an Alarm Summary object and assign it to the Alarm Group.
9) Next, ensure you have a way to trigger your Alarm variables to test the setup of the feature.
10) Download the application to the HMI or Simulate it on your PC.
11) During Runtime, trigger your Alarm variables so that there are active alarms.
12) To save the Alarms to file, write a value of 1 for Active format, 2 for History format, or 4 for Log format.
13) You can now find the CSV file on the Data Location as specified. (For Simulation, it will be under: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Vijeo-Designer 6.2\_sim\<Target Name>\Data\Alarm\<Alarm Group Name>\)


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