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Why in Ecostruxure Secure Connect Advisor, some agent are visible in Gatemanager even if there are not connected physically?

Published date: 03 July 2019

1. Issue
When the SiteManager is installed on HMIGTO or HMIG3U, all agents are visible event if there are not physically connected to the SiteManeger. There are visible in GateManager, LinkManager and they reply "present" to ping command

2. Product Line
Ecostruxure Secure connect Advisor

3. Environment
When the Site Manager of Ecostruxure Secure connect Advisor is installed on VxWord target (HMIGTO, HMIG3U)

4. Resolution
For a diagnostic, if SiteManager is on HMIGTO/HMIG3U, do not use Ping command to check if your agents are connected or not

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