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Video: How to configure Data Manager access in Vijeo Designer

Published date: 12 December 2019

Looking for a guide for setting up Data Manager access in Vijeo Designer

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer (all versions)

For an HMI programmed with Vijeo Designer, it is possible to connect to it using the Vijeo Designer Data Manager to retrieve logged data from any of the available storage devices (Main Drive, Secondary Drive, or Optional Drive). To be able to connect with the Vijeo Designer Data Manager, the Vijeo Designer application installed on the HMI must be configured accordingly. 

To allow Vijeo Designer Data Manager access, we must first follow this procedure:

1) Create a Security Group (if you do not already have one)
2) In the Security Group settings, set the Data Manager Security access to one of { Read Only, Read/Write, Read/Write/Delete }
3) Create a Username and Password for the Security Group (if you do not already have one).
4) Download the new Security Settings to the HMI. Ensure to check the checkbox "Delete All Runtime Data" to overwrite the existing Security settings on the HMI.

Once the application is downloaded to the HMI, we can now setup a connection in the Vijeo Designer Data Manager Tool to connect to the HMI to retrieve logged files. To setup a connection follow this procedure:

1) Launch the Vijeo Designer Data Manager Tool from the Windows Start Menu. It is found under the Schneider Electric folder for Windows 10 and under All Programs\Schneider Electric\Vijeo-Designer 6.2\Tools for Windows 7
2) In the drop down menu choose "New Target Connection" and press the "Create" button.
3) Give the connection a name and chose the connection method. 
4) Enter the username and password of the user with Vijeo Designer Data Manager access privelages.
5) Save the password and select the Data Location.
6) Save the conenction settings.
7) In connections drop down, select the newly created connection made at steps 2-6
8) Press the Next button to connect.
9) Select to Retrieve Files and press Next.
10) Select the types of files you wish to retrieve.
11) Select an output folder for the retrieved files to be stored under.
12) Press the "Retrieve" button.

At this point, the VIjeo Designer Data Manager will retrieve the selected data from the HMI.

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