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Why does the M580 Real Time Clock (RTC) fail switching from summer time to winter time when I test the Daylight Saving Time (DST) feature ?

Published date: 15 July 2019

 Answer :
- the DST feature works actually correctly.
- the user is fooled by the RTC setting feature
- to test the DST feature, the user must follow these steps :
1) set %S50 = 1 to stop the RTC and enable writing in the RTC register
2) set %SW52 = 16#1027 (27 Octobre)
3) set %SW51 = 16#0059 (1 minute before the automn DST time disruption)
4) set %S50 = 0 to release the RTC and disable writing in the RTC register

Basics :
- the M580 RTC is always providing GMT time (Greenwhich Meridian Time) so that no time disruption ever occur internally.
- the automn GMT disruption date and time time is October 27th 01:00.
- when setting the RTC (via UnityPro or ControlExpert), the software faces an ambiguous problem as this local time 02:59 happends twice, and it is systematically solved considering winter time condition.

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