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How to update price list in Ecostruxure Power Build - Rapsody?

Published date: 31 January 2020

In Ecostruxure Power Build - Rapsody we can update the latest prices of the components.
Please follow the below steps
1. Identifying file: 
The file format is *.TXT (TXT file can be created by doing 'Save As' or 'Copy' from an excel file.
The name can be anything as per user, Ex: <<File_Example_Date.TXT>>

2.  Building the file:
The file has two columns: First with part number & second with prices (could be upto two decimals)
In this example below, the price of ref '01030' is 1604940 RSD

Warning: Be careful with part number format; it must be « text » format, otherwise leading « 0 » will disappear, and update will not be done. 
In this example, the first reference is « 01030 »; if format of cell is « numeric » instead of « text », Excel will keep it as « 1030 » only, and the real reference « 01030 » will not be updated.

3-Completion of the file:
File must begin with 3 lines: @Comment, @currency and @date, as shown in the above snapshot

Warning: the format of date must be dd/mm/yyyy 

The use of these lines is shown below:

When you run the « update prices » function

Will get the below screen

Upload the latest pricelist from the local computer and we can see below screen after a successful upload of pricelist

In the switchboard design tab we can see the Pricelist date used by the software

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