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Can I perform a product reset of an ATV320 over network control?

Published date: 16 July 2019

Customer wants to be able to perform a product reset over the network instead of sending someone to the remote location to manually cycle power.

Product Line:


Clarification of product capabilities.

Yes, this is possible.  Please see full instructions below:
We give the logic address of RP and to know the value to write, you should click on N_Y in Link column (be careful this one is R/WS - See Access column):

User-added image

You will see the definition below:

So to reset the product, you should write 1 .

User-added image

R/WS access this means that the value is wrote only when drive is in STOP or fault ( not running). So this is a configuration parameter.

This means that this one should not be put on IO scanner of Ethernet or any cyclic write of any fieldbus.

If you do that the drive will never start, and still locked on NST.

So, to write RP, you should use messaging (not cyclic exchange), and be sure that the write request of RP=1 (to reset product) is sent one time , otherwise, the drive will continually reset.

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