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How can the BMEP58_ECPU_EXT Device DDT for M580 HSBY be used to diagnose the communication?

Published date: 25 July 2019

A Control Expert application with M580 PLCs creates the BMEP58_ECPU_EXT Device DDT that is an array of WORD and BOOL variables with information about the CPU Ethernet status. One of the variables is the "Port Link" with the status of Link up/down, but it does not have a clear description to show which value is for Link up/down.

Product Line
Control Expert, M580 HSBY  

Control Expert v14.0, BMEH586040 v2.80

The BMEP58_ECPU_EXT has a bit for each port of the CPU where 1 indicates Link up and 0 indicates Link down. Below you may find the variable and the correspondent physical port:
BMEP58_ECPU_EXT.PORT1_LINK: Ethernet service port

BMEP58_ECPU_EXT.PORT2_LINK: Upper dual port
BMEP58_ECPU_EXT.PORT3_LINK: Bottom dual port

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