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ENM Monitoring and Diagnostic page show "Invalid Date"

Published date: 23 August 2019

PowerSCADA Expert 8.x, Power Monitoring Expert 8.x, Power Monitoring Expert 9
Product Line

ENM 8.3, ENM 8.3.1, ENM 8.3.2, ENM 8.3.4

Description of the issue:

ENM Monitoring and Diagnostic page show "Invalid Date" as shown in the below screenshot.


When the log is saved and opened in notepad we can see that there is "ip." and "ap." instead of "AM" and "PM" in the date and time field. Due to this special character the code not able to format date and time properly. There will be the same issue if there is any other special character or non-standard format.


To fix this change .NET Globalisation setting in IIS to use English US language and after making these changes and applying it restart IIS.


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