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How do you calibrate the PMESWT0100 with Control Expert?

Published date: 14 May 2020

I installed the PMESWT0100 and I am seeing data coming through, but the values seem to jump around alot and the readings are inconsistent.
How do you calibrate the PMESWT0100 with Control Expert?

Product Line:
X80 module

EcoStruxure Control Expert
Unity Pro

For readings to be as accurate as possible, Calibration of the PMESWT0100 is manditory.
Periodic calibration is necessary for the PMESWT0100 if it has been running for a long period of time, if the values start to drift or if environmental conditions change, such as temperature or humidity.
In order to start the calibration process, be sure that the PMESWT0100 is configured properly in the M580 project and its RUN light is solid green. 
1.) In the DTM browser, right click on the PMESWT0100 under the M580 CPU module. Select Connect.
2.) Once connected, right click on the PMESWT0100 again and select Device Menu > Additonal Functions > Calibration.
3.) In the window that opens enter the maximum capacity along with the units of measure used.
4.) From the Calibration Modes, Select from the Calibration Modes. Zero Adjustement and Physical Calibration are common types of calibration that will be described in this document. 
For Zero adjustment, you will simply need to take all weight off of the attched load cell. Click Start, then Next on the following screen to Zero out the module. 
For Physical Calibration, you will specify the number of data points being stored from 1 to 3 in terms of the unit of measure you are using.
For 500g, you would specify 500, for 1 kg, you would specify 1000, etc. 
The more data points you use for calibration references, the more accurate the readings will be in your application.
5.) Click Start. Follow the instructions for Zeroing out the load cell, then for Physicsal Calibration, adding the specified number of actual reference weights.
6.) When you have completed the calibration process, click the Save Memory button. 
7.) You will then be prompted to save the configuration to the FDR server and that the module will be Restarted, which are mandatory for the module to take on the new calibration setting.

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