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How do I configure the Schneider OFS server V3.6x to communicate with the EcoStruxure Control Expert Simulator?

Published date: 31 October 2019

How to setup communication between the OFS server and the EcoStruxure Control Expert Simulator

Product Line:
OFS Server, EcoStruxure Control Expert

Yes, the OFS server will communicate to the EcoStruxure Control Expert(Unity Pro) Simulator. To setup the communication follow the steps below
1. Open the EcoStruxure Control Expert project you wish to use.
2. Go to the project settings and under "PLC embedded data" check  the "data dictionary" option. 
3. Change the PLC connection to simulation mode and build the project.
4. Connect and download the project to the Simulator.
5. Launch the OFS Configuration tool.
6. Create a new Alias by selection "File" from the main menu then click on "New Device Alias".
7. Enter a new name for the Alias or accept the default.
8. Click on the ellipsis for "Device address 1" and enter the PLC Simulator IP address, which is
9. Under the "PLC Embedded data" section, check the options "Using Data Dictionary" and "New Symbol detection" 
10. Save the configuration.
11. Launch the OFS Testing client and accept the default Prog ID " Schneider-Aut.OFS" then select "OK".
12. The client will launch the OFS server. Create a new group by selecting "group" then "new group"
13. Next, create a new item by selecting "Item" then "New".
14. You will see the Alias for the PLC Simulator, click on it and you will see the tags on the right side of the window. Click on one of the tags
15. The item is active when the indicator (next to the item) is green. To write a value in this item, double click on the Item then and enter a number in the "Value" field and click

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