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How to configure a serial daisy chain to have devices split between multiple I/O Servers in Power SCADA Operation (PSO) 9.0

Published date: 14 December 2020

Some of the devices on a serial daisy chain need to live on a different I/O Server than the rest of the devices on that daisy chain.

Product Line
Power SCADA Operation 9.0

Studio, Topology, PSO server

In PSO, a specific Port cannot be used on more than one I/O Server.

To split a daisy chain between multiple I/O Servers, a unique Port is needed for each I/O Server. For example, assume a daisy chain of 10 devices needs 5 serial devices on I/O Server 1, and the other 5 on I/O Server 2. The port for the 5 serial devices on I/O Server 1 is named North_IO1_devices. A second unique port needs to be defined for the devices that will exist on I/O Server 2, perhaps named South_IO2_devices.
  1. This port can be created for I/O Server 2 in the Ports table located in Topology > Components and Mapping. The IP address will be the same for both ports since it is the same gateway device/daisy chain.
  2. Once the Port is created, Navigate to Topology > IO Devices. Assign the newly created port to the desired devices for I/O Server 2, and change the I/O Server fetid for each device to the appropriate name.
  3. Save and compile the project.
*Note: If there were parameters in the Citect.ini defined for the original port, those parameters will have to be added for the additional port that was created, as well.*

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