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How to establish the communication with S7-1500 PLC if using TIA Portal Ethernet Driver?

In PLC side:

1.Use TIA Portal V11-V16 to configure the PLC communication settings.

2.Select the PLC and enter the correct version of the firmware (We can check for the firmware version of the PLC in online mode).

3.Check the PLC firmware version in online mode, make sure the firmware version is supported by TIA Portal V11-V16.

If the firmware version is not supported by TIA Portal V11-V16, communication may not be possible.

If that happens, change the firmware to a version supported by TIA Portal V11-V16 .

In EOTE side:

1.Add TIA Portal Ethernet driver in EOTE.

2.Linking TIA Portal symbols(.ap**) into the EOTE project.

If there are changes to symbols in TIA Portal, linking the new PLC project file(.ap**) into the EOTE project again.

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