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Towards net-zero buildings: Exploring the IntenCity case

IntenCity has a cumulated carbon footprint 5 times less than an average European building on a 60-year life cycle.

Rémi Paccou, Director of Sustainability Research, Schneider Electric™ Sustainability Research Institute

In this study, we have a deep look into the IntenCity building, Schneider Electric’s new flagship building located in the Scientific Polygon of Grenoble, France. Through an in-depth Whole Life Cycle Analysis of the building, we highlight that the cumulated carbon footprint of IntenCity is 5 times less than an average European building on a 60-year life with less than 5% of its total cumulated carbon emissions coming from operations. We also examine the positive contributions of IntenCity at the district level, as well as on the decarbonization journey of a Schneider Electric employee. Last but not least, we demonstrate that decarbonization does not come anymore with a cost penalty.

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