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Outdoor heavy duty

Enclosures optimized to overcome outdoor installation challenges

Suitable for public and private settings.

Outdoor heavy duty
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    A high IP rating is not enough. Outdoor electrical installations are subject to many challenges:

    Weathering: rain, snow, sun, dust, heat, cold, humidity, solar radiation
    Human interaction:electrical risk reduction, vandalism, burglary, intrusion, noise
    Installation constraints:power supplies, cable entry management, maintenance operations

    Help ensure continuity of service and lower total cost of ownership of your installations with outdoor heavy duty enclosure solutions!


    Multi-material offer

    Heavy duty steel and heavy duty polyester enclosures are designed to perform in harsh environments thanks to outstanding resistance. Standard heavy duty enclosures are supplied with:

    • Canopy – help prevent water from entering the enclosure
    • Door retainer – help ensure door is open while work is in progress
    • Support document pocket – (A4) to easily access all applicable technical documents
    • Aluminum cable gland plate – to retain rated IP protection with easy cable entry

    Enclosure ranges:

    • Thalassa PHD
    • Spacial S3HD  
    • Spacial SFHD

    Dedicated outdoor accessories:

    · Anti-vandalism
    · Burglary resistance
    · Lifting
    · Ventilated roofs and plinths. 
    · New FanBox slim fan designed to save space while removing excess heat.

     Multiple thermal architectures

    S-line:  forced air mode:
    · Most common, 67% space saving with FanBox
    · Heat extraction up to1500W
    · dT of 5C

     T-line: extraction air mode:
    · Heat extraction up to 1500W
    · More equipment space
    · Bottom cable access

    I-line: extraction air mode:
    · Ideal for public areas
    · Enclosure space saved to install equipments
    · Up to 1500W heat extraction
    · Plain surface on each side help to prevent vandalism

    Easy-to-use tools:


    Suitable for both public and private outdoor settings, especially for:
    • WWW
    • Telecom
    • Transport
    • Hoisting


    • Spacial SFHD with T-Line architecture customised for pumping application
    • Innovative FanBox design saves space with flexible mounting options

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