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Acti9 C60NA-DC, C120NA-DC, SW60-DC

Switch-disconnectors for photovoltaic installations

Part of 9 Series

Acti9 C60NA-DC, Acti9 C120NA-DC and Acti9 SW60-DC are switch-disconnectors dedicated to the disconnection of direct current photovoltaic circuits

Acti9 C60NA-DC, C120NA-DC, SW60-DC
  • Features

    Acti9 range proposes three switch-disconnectors dedicated to photovoltaic (PV) installations:

    • Acti9 C60NA-DC
    • Acti9 C120NA-DC
    • Acti9 SW60-DC.

    These switch-disconnectors are designed to disconnect a string of photovoltaic modules and the inverter from the rest of the photovoltaic installation to allow for maintenance operations.

    Common Features:

    • Compliant with IEC/EN 60947-3
    • Available in 2P
    • Pre-wired
    • Can be locked in OFF position for improved operational safety maintenance operations
    • Delivered with three interpole barriers for improved isaolation between connectors
    • Remote status monitoring or operation thanks to electrical auxiliairies.

    The selection of Acti9 C60NA-DC, Acti9 C120NA-DC or Acti9 SW60-DC depends on the installation requirements:

                                                    Operating Voltage (Ue)   - Polarized
    Acti9 C60NA-DC 20A:                 1000 VDC                         No
    Acti9 C60NA-DC 32A:                   800 VDC                         No
    Acti9 C60NA-DC 50A:                   700 VDC                         No
    Acti9 C120NA-DC 100A:             1000 VDC                         No
    Acti9 SW60-DC 50A:                    1000 VDC                        Yes

    Whereas Acti9 C60NA-DC and Acti9 C120NA-DC are non-polarized, Acti9 SW60-DC is sensitive and (+) and (-) need to be respected for connection.


    • Improved operational safety thanks to padlocking option of switch in OFF position

    • Easier installation, with pre-wired cables.


     Dedicated to direct current photovoltaic installations to enable the disconnection of the inverter from the rest of the circuit to allow for maintenance operations.



    • Acti9 C60NA-DC
    • Acti9 C120 NA-DC
    • Acti9 SW60-DC
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