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Acti9 iPRF1, PRD1

Surge arresters Type 1 or Type 1+2

Part of 9 Series

Surge Protection Devices against direct lightning strike

Acti9 iPRF1, PRD1
  • Features

    Acti9 iPRF1,  PRD1 Type 1 Surge arresters protect the electrical equipments against the direct lightning strikes.
    The installation of Type 1 or Type 1+2 Surge Protection Devices is compulsory whenever there is a lightning rod.
    They are tested and rated according to the standardised current wave of 10/350 μs, as in IEC/EN 61643-11:2011.

    Impulse discharge current Iimp:
    • 12.5 kA for Acti9 iPRF1 12.5r is suitable for buildings with protection levels III and IV
    • 25 kA for Acti9 PRD1 25r and 35 kA for Acti9 PRD1 Master are suitable for buildings with protection levels I and II.
    Surge arresters must be associated with a suitable disconnection device, fuse or circuit-breaker. 
    To download the Coordination Tables click here
    More information about the risks to be avoided at end of life of the SPDs

    These Surge arresters are available either as monobloc or with pluggable cartridges.
    These ranges cover all the different earthing system: multiple-pole or single-pole devices to be assembled.
    They come with output contacts for remote transfer of end-of-life information (for Acti9 SmartLink or other input/output devices).

    • Acti9 iPRF1 12.5r and Acti9 PRD1 25r are also Type 2 rated (8/20 µs) to protect the electrical equipment by finely clipping the voltage surge
    • They are suitable for 230/400 V 50/60 Hz networks, with earthing system TT, TN-S, TN-C
    • Acti9 PRD1 Master is also suitable for 440 V IT earthing system.


    These two SPD Type 1 ranges provide:

    • Powerful Surge Protection for installations and buildings with high lightning strike risk
    • Ensure the continuity of service of your installation
    • Acti9 PRD1 Surge arresters are fitted with easy-to-replace pluggable cartridges
    • Beware the lightning rod is not sufficient as a protection, Type 1 Surge Protection Devices contribute to the safety of your equipments.


    Acti9 iPRF1, PRD1 Type 1 Surge arresters protect the electrical installations against induced or conducted surges caused by direct lightning strikes.
    • The IEC/EN 62305-2 specifies the use of Type 1 or Type 1+2 Surge Protection Devices in commercial and industrial buildings protected by a lightning conductor or a lightning rod
    • Surge Protection Devices are recommended when there is higher risk of direct lightning strikes.


    • Acti9 iPRF1 12,5r & Acti9 PRD1
    • Acti9 PRD1 25r 3P+N 350V with report signalisation

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