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Motor Controller Smart Selector

Motor Controller Smart Selector has been replaced by EcoStruxrure Motor Control Configurator

End-of-Sale Notice

EcoStruxrure Motor Control Configurator offer a complete line of motor control products for your motor management systems:

Motor Controller Smart Selector
  • Features

    Find more information about latest EcoStruxrure Motor Control Configurator. You can go directly to start use the tools from now. 

    New cloud-based Motor Controller Smart Selector makes it faster and easier to build a complete TeSys solution. Starting from your main electrical characteristics (voltage, prospective short circuit current, motor rated power), this software helps you to choose your combination of components to protect and control an asynchroneous motor.
    • 230V (single or three phases) 400V, 440V or 690V
    • Direct, reversing, star-delta, soft starter, drive
    • Short circuit protection embeded in combination motor starter (TeSysU), manual motor starter (TeSys GV, Molded Case Circuit Breaker (Compact) or fuses
    • Overload protection embeded in motor starter, breaker or separate relayType 1, 2 or total coordination

    Supported browsers are:

    •  Chrome v43 and above
    •  Firefox v41 and above
    •  Safari v8 and above
    •  IE10 and above (except: IE8/IE9)


    Build a complete motor starter solution in minutes:
    • Access from your PC, smart phone, or tablet 
    • Broader range of motor starter components, always kept up to date
    • Simple, secure procedure avoids selection errors
    • Creates a bill of materials with complete commercial references, including add-on blocks and accessories
    An evolution of the Low Voltage Motor Starter Solution Guide (LVMS), the new selector offers a wider range of products, options, and combinations.


    • Simple machines (HVAC, Hoisting, conveying, lift, packaging, material working)
    • Motor control center for process industry or infrastructure (O&G, MMM, WWW)
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