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Cellean enclosure

Cellean modular control panel

Part of Set Series

The Cellean modular control panels combine simplicity of installation, industrial performance, flexibility and reliability to meet most of OEMs’ and Panel builders’ requirements.

Modular Control Panel
  • Features


    The Cellean range of modular control panels help you speed up panel design and manufacturing.You will get greater industrial performance through standardization and easy-to-install modular based system. The modular control panels generate costs savings throughout the complete equipment life cycle.


    Improved efficiency for engineering and design

    • Standardization: define and use your own standard, based on Schneider library
    • Openness: thanks to customized and standard modules, answer to most of your need
    • Easy to configure thanks to digital assets: use the modules CAD library and configuration tool for quick project definition

    Reduced installation time and costs

    • Simplicity: a set of simple easy-to-install modules
    • Flexibility: reduced lead time, divided by 3 thanks to parallelization of tasks
    • Ready-to-install panels: a simplified internal structure of panels for customization. Modules can be easily replaced to change panel functionalities to meet late project adaptation or upgrades.
    • Time saving: optimize skill management (assembly time reduced by 40%)

    Greater operational efficiency

    • Installation visibility: Direct link between each module and mechanical parts of the machine to ease faulty part detection
    • Easy maintenance: The modules can also be used as spare parts which allows to repair processes or machines and therefore shorten downtime and enhance productivity.

    Increased reliability and safety

    • Control panel compliant with IEC 61439-2 standard.
    • Optimized Thermal management: limited number of hot points inside the modular panel.
    • EMC compliant architecture: Cellean installation system allows easy segregation between cabling systems


    Repetitive machine for all applicative segments, medium and large OEM and panel builders


    • Cellean modules
    • Cellean modular control panel
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