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Stago Cable Ladder System LB 4000

A universally applicable cable ladder system for both light and heavy industrial installations

The Stago LB 4000 ladder system is light, flexible and durable with easy assembly and unlimited possibilities for efficient cable installation.

Stago Cable Ladder System LB 4000
  • Features

    The Stago LB 4000 Ladder is a welded ladder construction that has a high strength to weight ratio. This translates to opportunities for longer spans, minimized support – and an overall more efficient and easily manageable installation.


    • Material: Zinc coated pre-galvanized sheet steel
    • Available lengths: 3 meters (standard) or 6 meters (upon request)
    • Available heights: 60mm & 100mm
    • Ladder rung distance: 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm
    • Widths: 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm


    The ladder system and most parts can be supplied upon request in any color and shine. The paint layer is scratch resistant and applied by a power coating process.


    Light, open and stable construction

    Cable Ladders distinguish themselves from cable trays through their open structure, which keep cables better cooled, minimizes dust accumulation and water condensation retention.  The open structure allows cables to be inserted in any place and from any direction. Cables can be easily fixed to the ladder rungs with cable clamps or cable ties.

    Easy installation with coach bolt

    The system is designed to be installed with the self locking coach bolt, making installation and tightening easier. The half-round head on the inside of the cable ladder ensures a smooth surface with low risk of cable damage.

    Flexible length material

    The ladder LB 4000 is made up of side profiles and rungs made of flat steel. The Stago LB 4000 range of ladders have possibilities for different rung distance ranging from 100 mm to 400 mm. Each rung distance has its specific application:

    • Rung distance 100 mm providing support for thin data cables.
    • Rung distance 200 mm for combined data and high current connections.
    • Rung distance 300 mm for power cables.
    • Rung distance 400 mm for vertical trajectories of both data and high power cables.

    The rung is made of a perforated C-profile with a wide surface for carrying cables. In the rungs, all of the nuts, cable braces and cable ties can be fitted for cable fixing. In addition, every other rung is inverted making it possible to install additional piping or piping (air lines, CV pipes, etc.) on the lower side of the ladder track.

    For systematic and clear cabling, ladder track lengths are provided with one or more divider strips. All LB 4000 ladder lanes can be fitted with cover holes to prevent dust accumulation and to protect the cabling against UV radiation.

    Optimized support system

    A wide range of support systems are available for mounting ladderways on wall and ceiling. From light wire suspension to heavy suspension assembly make it possible to quickly and easily mount the ladders.
    In addition to the suspension structures included in the standard offer, the industrial Wibe suspension structures can also be used.

    Corrosion resistance

    Stago ladders and fittings are made of sendzimir sheet steel produced according to norm EN 10327, guaranteeing excellent corrosion resistance properties. The ladders are welded with a resistance welding process to ensure the strength with minimal heat impact, leaving the zinc coating on the product intact.


    Stable Cable Ladder System LB 4000 is designed for indoor installation in various industries, such as: 

    • Offices
    • Commercial buildings, warehouses
    • Shopping centers and malls
    • Industrial facilities


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