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Smart terminal block (SMTB)

Distributed Inputs/Outputs

Smart terminal blocks (SMTB), the latest generation of easy-to-use digital Inputs/Outputs. A distributed and communicating I/O range for digital substations.

Smart terminal block (SMTB)
  • Features

    Our SMTB range makes operators’ lives easier and simplifies the wiring in harsh electrical installation environments. SMTB leverage terminal block technology and offer interoperable IEC 61850 optical fiber communication for retrofits, extensions, and digital substation projects.

    SMTB-8DI digital input module offers isolated (opto-couplers) digital inputs, direct visualization of the signal with individual LEDs and labels, and communication over an RJ45 cable. The module is hot-pluggable for faster installation, validation, and maintenance.

    SMTB-8DO digital output module offers powerful output contacts that enable direct control of the breakers, direct visualization of the output status with individual LEDs and labels, and communication over an RJ45 cable. The module is hot-pluggable for faster installation, validation, and maintenance.

    SMTB-IEC converter benefits from the IEC 61850 standard and GOOSE messages for Ethernet fast communication and optical fiber interface. The redundant HSR/PRP interface and time synchronization with SNTP allows for easy installation on a station bus or process bus. The SMTB-IEC converter is interoperable with multiple IEC 61850 IEDs, such as protection relays, bay controllers, RTUs, PLCs, and measurement devices. It contributes to reducing copper use, accelerates the project’s realization, and simplifies installation, validation, and maintenance.

    The SMTB range brings simplicity in a robust design. It is compliant with the demanding EMC standards (IEC 6100-4-x), offers long-term reliability, and contributes to improving electrical network availability in many critical infrastructures.

    Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 year



    • Accelerates project delivery, with time savings of up to 30%

    • Simplifies the wiring in panels, marshalling kiosks, and substations

    • Improves the security of operations and maintenance

    • Makes maintenance and operations easier

    • Helps to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) on electrical installations by up to 20%


    • New digital substations
    • Retrofit of substations
    • Marshalling kiosks
    • Remote terminal unit panels
    • Teleprotection and telealarm
    • Mirrored I/Os applications (copy of I/Os over optical fiber)

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