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Pressure Independent Valves and Actuators

Schneider Electric’s comprehensive global offer of PIBCV valves and valve actuators deliver optimal performance, reliability, energy efficiency and comfort in a wide variety of HVAC applications.

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This innovative range of regulating valves not only ensures energy efficiency but lowers installation, balancing and commissioning time and cost.

Pressure Independent Valves and Actuators
  • Features

    Schneider Electric’s Pressure Independent Balance and Control Valves (PIBCV) offer a full spectrum of sizes and models to fit any application. Occupant comfort is also optimized with precise directional and temperature control capabilities. This new PIBCV offer from Schneider Electric is technology that delivers efficiency at every level.


    Design: Compact design integrates the valve, flow limiter and pressure regulator.
    Selection: Selection is based on coil flow rate, eliminating the need for Cv calculations.
    Installation: Modular design enables straightforward and error free installation.
    • Performs a continual balancing function to maintain system performance at varying loads.
    • Predictable flow throughout valve travel eliminates over-pumping and saves energy.
    • Constant flow performance reduces actuator movement, hunting, and wear on the valve assembly.
    Maintenance: Allows simple troubleshooting during system operation.


    • hydronic balancing in a wide range of HVAC applications
    • Terminal units including Fan coils, Air handling units, and other air to water / water to water heat exchangers
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