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Kaedra, Mini Kaedra

Waterproof enclosures

Part of 9 Series

Suitable for 3 to 72 modules, the waterproof enclosures provide complete protection to everything from industrial sockets to command modular devices and beyond. Simple to install and highly robust, the waterproof enclosures will guarantee your installations stay fully protected from the elements.

Kaedra, Mini Kaedra
  • Features

    The complete range of waterproof enclosures IP65 and IK09 are ideal for providing protection to push buttons, non-modular switchgear and much more. Easy to install, they will ensure you get the compatibility and flexibility you need from waterproof enclosures.
    • Designed with complete protection of command modular devices in mind as well as industrial sockets and non-modular switchgear.
    • Available either with or without user interface.
    • Highly versatile.
    • Quick and easy installation for all types of devices.
    • Provides exceptional weather protection to modular and non-modular switchgear, industrial sockets, push buttons and more.
    • Robust and reliable, they stand up to any weather conditions.
    • Adaptable to all types of installations: vertical and horizontal association and wide multi-purpose range.


    Highly practical and providing natural compatibility, the Kaedra and Mini Kaedra offer a complete waterproof enclosure solution.
    • Highly flexible for use on a wide range of devices including industrial sockets and push buttons.
    • Combine three essential functions: distribution, power supply and electrical control.
    • Natural compatibility with existing installations, they provide greater levels of consistency.


    Designed with a wide range of installations in mind, the waterproof enclosures will ensure your installations stay protected in any weather conditions.
    • Designed for Final LV distribution waterproof applications.
    • Suitable for public areas.
    • Stands up to any weather conditions: dust, humidity and heat.

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