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Comfort and protection for homes
With Resi9, we provide homes with the electrical panel of tomorrow. It combines the ease of installation, the beauty of a new design and the ability to be connected remotely to your home.

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Resi9 Protection

Protection devices


Resi9 CX Enclosures

Residential Electrical Enclosures


Resi9 DB60

Incoming circuit breakers


Efficiency, simplicity and connectivity - redefined
The Acti9 system is easy to install, maintain and upgrade, offering unparalleled performance and space optimization in the electrical distribution for buildings of all size.

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Acti9 iC60

Miniature Circuit Breakers up to 63 A


Acti9 Vigi iC60

Residual current add-on devices up to 63 A for Acti9 iC60 Miniature Circuit Breakers


Acti9 iID

DIN Rail Residual current circuit breakers (RCCB) up to 100 A


Acti9 iC60 RCBO (2P, 3P, 4P)

Compact Residual Current Circuit Breaker with overcurrent protection (RCBO)


Acti9 iDPN Vigi

Residual current circuit breakers with integrated overcurrent protection (RCBO) up to 40 A


Acti9 iSW & SW

Switch disconnectors up to 125 A


Acti9 iARC

DIN rail Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD)


Acti9 iDPN N Arc

Arc Fault Detection Circuit Breaker


Acti9 iCT

Modular contactors up to 100 A


Acti9 iPRD

SPD - Surge Protection Device Type 2, Type 3 or Type 2+3


Acti9 iPRC, iPRI, iPRE

SPD - Surge Protection Device for Telecom nd IT networks


Multi-standard protection for OEMs
Multi9 range is a Schneider Electric’s global offer dedicated to equipment manufacturers (OEMs), designed to meet your needs and the major standards for industry applications. By offering a wide range of modular devices, Multi9 provides complete protection, signaling functions and accessories.

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Multi9 multi-standard range of electrical protection devices up to 63A for OEMs and control panel builders

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