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IIoT pre-defined applications make factories smarter

EcoStruxure Plant Lean Management software was implemented in more than 200 factories and is now used by more than 7,000 people simultaneously. It is used daily by 100% of plant employees, operators, and team leaders and is at the center of all the plant’s daily performance meetings.

The speed of issue escalation and resolution has been hugely improved and site performance has increased by 5%.

Check out the key benefits of our IIoT applications

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Improved profitability

Up to 10% increase in productivity.
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Increased industrial assets ROI

  • Less than 3 months to 1 year ROI.
  • Up to 15% reduction in unplanned downtime.
  • Up to 30% lower maintenance costs.

Reduced carbon footprint

  • Up to 20% energy savings or energy cost reduction.
  • Up to 6% decrease in raw material consumption.
  • Up to 40% less carbon footprint.

Empowered workforce

  • Up to 10 times faster incident resolution.
  • Faster and smarter decision-making from shopfloor to top-floor.
  • Shift handover time reduced by 2.

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Discover EcoStruxure Plant Apps – our pre-packaged IIoT software

EcoStruxure Plant Predictive Energy

Based on automation and energy efficiency expertise, the IIoT solution monitors energy consumption and provides advanced data analytics to detect consumption anomalies across selected assets like chillers, boilers, and air compressors. The real-time KPIs across multiple sites help make better decisions and generate energy savings.

It is designed for industries that make sustainability a priority: energy consumption is reduced by up to 10% and carbon emissions by up to 40%.

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EcoStruxure Plant Lean Management

A comprehensive IIoT solution that digitizes and optimizes Lean Manufacturing SIM meetings cycles across one to several hundred sites, connecting up to more than 5,000 workers simultaneously.

It provides visibility to major supply chain KPIs including safety and it empowers workers from shopfloor to top-floor allowing much faster issue escalation, decision-making, and issue resolution. Overall plant productivity, including in mature sites, is improved by up to 5%.

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Get to know our open, scalable, cybersecure pre-defined software solutions

IIoT software for predictive maintenance

They provide early detection of machine issues to prevent failures and their consequences on final product quality by combining sampling, edge computing, algorithms as well as root cause analysis. Thus, they help predict and anticipate failures such as line stoppages or product losses.

With up to 3 times fewer production failures and ROI of less than 1 year, they make a significant contribution to operations efficiency.

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IIoT software for predictive quality

Designed to leverage manufacturing performance, it can be installed on any existing hardware and data source to assess the current overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of machines and overall equipment reliability. It provides real-time visibility of OEE issues and the status of corrective actions and helps optimize production line quality and availability.

It increases machine uptime by up to 10% and significantly decreases energy and water consumption.

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