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Discover our industrial edge ecosystem

EcoStruxure Edge Apps empower users to expand their business needs coverage easily and in a user-friendly way. Our open industrial edge software ecosystem consists of 4 key foundational elements:

Marketplace and App Store
EcoStruxure Edge Apps – Manager
Edge Devices of Machines, Lines and Plants
EcoStruxure Edge Apps or partners and private apps
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Key benefits


Fully vendor-agnostic interoperability for edge devices and applications from Schneider Electric and third-party providers.


Seamless and fast scaling of edge infrastructure to align with the organization's and business growth needs.

Data sovereignty

With full control over data at all times and with sensitive data closer to the source.

Native cyber-security

Zero-touch secure onboarding of edge devices, ensuring full data and application integrity and confidentiality.

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Explore our open, scalable, secure, and ready-to-use industrial edge software

Managing the industrial edge applications ecosystem

EcoStruxure Edge Apps - Manager, as the heart of the ecosystem, enables centralized management, deployment, back-up, and update of the apps and the edge devices of machines, lines, and plants. It is available in 2 versions: cloud or on-premise.
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Ready-to-use apps for many dedicated use cases

Leveraging our extensive software knowledge and expertise, EcoStruxure Edge Apps can support you in the following domains:

  • Asset performance optimization with condition-based maintenance.
  • Yield output maximization – with data analytics associated with AI.
  • Waste reduction in industrial operations.
  • Resources control and energy cost saving.
  • Cyber-threats protection.
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Supporting transversal needs and usage

A range of targeted services and connectivity industrial edge software are designed to support transversal usage such as:

  • Data and notification management.
  • Advanced computation.
  • Simplified maintenance.
  • User access management.
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Marketplace, App Store and Partner Apps

EcoStruxure Edge Apps open ecosystem enables third-party partners to offer their own edge apps for a wide range of additional applications to best meet the broad range of industrial needs.
Marketplace promotes a peer support network for collaboration and App Store will allow to purchase directly on the platform.
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