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    Marine Solutions: Merchant Ships

    Optimize the investment and operation costs of merchant ships and cargo vessels with comprehensive solutions backed by our broad expertise.

    + Lifecycle Services

Ship Management System

Comprehensive control and monitoring is needed to lower operational costs on more sophisticated ships with smaller crews and to optimize fleet servicing. Reducing carbon emissions calls for better management of the energy chain from providers to consumers.

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Solutions and Benefits

Our highly available solution controls and supervises the main systems of the ship by providing: alarm and power management; auxiliaries and fluid management for main engine cooling; lubrication circuits, ballast, compressed air, fuel & oil, fire-fighting pumps and fresh water management. 

Supervision is carried out at bridge level by a SCADA system based on redundant Vijeo Citect and Harmony touch panels. 

This solution maximizes ship reliability and crew efficiency. For higher availability and faster response times, the compact and hardened PLC achieves an efficient and optimized Power Management System (PMS) for generators allowing 20% energy saving. Redundant SCADA servers and PLCs offer 100% availability at first fault.

> High availability communication architecture based on a redundant optical fiber backbone
> PLC hot standby architecture
> Industrial ethernet-based architecture
> Reduced downtime with quick replacement and maintenance
> Customized solutions and functions to respond to user’s specific needs
> Customized operation interface according to user’s preference
> Standardized components not limited to marine
> Spare parts available worldwide

Energy Management System

You can only manage what you measure – that’s why you need a solution to monitor power consumption on your ships, and to analyze and optimize their electrical distribution.

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Solutions and Benefits

EcoStruxure Power is a scalable offer enabling full monitoring of ship electrical consumption, based on 3 pillars: 

1) Measure
Rely on a complete range of power meters, MV protection relays and connected circuit breakers to measure electrical parameters at every stage of the electrical installation.


2) Collect
Using the new Enerlin'X communication system, log data from metering devices and make them available either locally or remotely. 

3) Display and analyze
Display measurements and dashboards locally, in real time. Ecostruxure Power monitoring expert provides advanced software and tools to analyze and optimize energy consumption.

> Access to information in real-time data reporting
> IoT enabled solution
> Smart analytics
> Easy identification of power, energy consumption and more
> Estimation of energy-saving potential
> Performance Analysis for vessel & fleet
> Easy to install
> Easy to configure
> Easy to operate

Engine Room Cooling Efficiency

Engine room cooling fans and sea water pumps are usually oversized and operate constantly at peak flow, resulting in energy losses. Limiting peak flow operation to very short periods allows you to reduce emissions, comply with modern regulations (SEEMP, ISO50001) and realize IMO’s vision of “safe, secure and efficient shipping on cleaner oceans."

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Solutions and Benefits

A leading expert in electrical energy efficiency, Schneider Electric designs, develops and manufactures more than 90% of related devices in use worldwide. 

Our electrical distribution solutions perfectly integrate with existing onboard electrical networks, and work with connected devices to integrate onboard control, alarming, monitoring and energy management systems. 

Features include Intelligent VSD control via PLC and HMI to reduce the speed of fans and pumps while maintaining the ship’s safe operation, based on scenarios including seagoing, maneuvering in port or out, cargo handling, and anchoring.

> Reduce operating costs through energy savings
> Optimize investments with quick ROI averaging less than two years
> Tailored solutions offering easy access to highly qualified experts
> Conforms with modern regulations (SEEMP, ISO50001)
> Results in reduced CO2 emissions
  • One solution for significant energy and fuel savings for fleets

    We helped Thenamaris successfully implement its designs to achieve ideal engine room ventilation and central water cooling for their tankers.

Secure Power

We focus on ensuring maximum safety and continuity for your business. The quality and availability of electrical power is crucial in many critical applications. In sensitive industrial sectors such as marine and offshore, any lack of electrical power can endanger process security, put human life at risk and cause downtime.

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Solutions and Benefits

Our uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units are designed to deliver secure power for the marine industry. 

Our long experience in various sectors enables us to develop a UPS adapted to marine standards, coupled with a full range of services and worldwide coverage.

We offer solutions that are fully supported and customized to your specific environment and requirements. Our standardized products offer 100% marine type approved components ranging from 1 to 200kVA.
> Worldwide service includes maintenance and spare parts
> Fully standardized and type approved products
> Remote monitoring services universally available


Limited space to accommodate cable bending radius or number of cables, and determining an insulation material's combustible load or its resistance to wear and tear during installation, are just a few of the many challenges that you may face while using cables for your power connection and distribution on board.

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Solutions and Benefits

We provide an innovative, prefabricated electrical distribution solution for transporting and distributing energy. 

The solution consists of bus bars in a protective enclosure, including straight lengths, fittings, devices and accessories. Flexible and compact, this space-saving system installs quickly in place without interrupting power. 

You save on materials, installation, and maintenance costs, while also keeping energy consumption costs low.

> Safe, reliable, sustainable system avoids installing or removing units under load
> Halogen free: no fumes or toxic gas emissions in the event of fire
> Meets industry standards; can be dismantled, re-used and recycled
> Fully type-tested for busway and tap-off unit and marine certifications
> Extended life, no repetitive investment; low OPEX
> Higher mechanical strength, low contact resistance and voltage drop
> Simple installation and maintenance
> Quick deployment

Featured Products and Solutions

MV Loop for Merchant

In the large market of container ships and booming MV applications, shipbuilding companies are looking for innovative thinking to provide solutions to optimize ship efficiency and save on construction costs.

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Solutions and Benefits

Enable the distribution of MV power instead of the typical LV radial distribution design. Our MV distribution is done through one or two loops, thanks to Ring Main Units that power the refer transformers.

> Up to 30% reduction on investment costs compared to a typical LV distribution design
> Up to 35% power loss reduction versus typical LV design
> 47% weight reduction versus typical LV design
> Optimized main MV switchboard footprint
> Easy feeder segregation
> Quick installation, including fast cable connections on the front

Featured Products and Solutions

Masterpact UR

Get increased power on board by optimizing CapEx and OpEx throughout the lifecycle of your installations with solutions developed through 90+ years of experience in marine applications.

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Solutions and Benefits

As the use of installed power on board increases permanently, electrical distribution can require a shift from low voltage to medium voltage design. Schneider Electric provides a unique solution to meet switchboard performance (thermal and electrodynamic withstand). 

The Masterpact UR ultra rapid bus tie allows much higher installed power with a low voltage design by strongly limiting the very high short circuit current and related energy faults.

> Designed on the basis of a standard Air Circuit Breaker (Masterpact NW)
> Circuit peak current reduction by 30%-40%
> Patented technology allows fast reclosing after a trip
> Reliable and simple 1 ms opening technology
> Guaranteed, complete circuit-breaker coordination

Featured Products and Solutions

MV MCC Solutions

Offshore processes and marine applications require power and process control solutions that provide a high level of reliability and safety while saving space.

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Solutions and Benefits

Motorpact is designed and manufactured to solve the toughest power and process control challenges. 

Our motor starter features industry-first innovations that provide unmatched performance, reliability, and exclusive technologies.

> Complete range of MCC solutions
> Pre-engineered and type tested solutions for motor control
> The most compact footprint on the market
> Space-efficient multi-motor solution for Soft Starters and Variable Speed Drives
> Configured for redundancy to maximize system reliability

Featured Products and Solutions

MV/LV Distribution

As the marine industry faces cost constraints, shipbuilders are looking for optimized solutions and operators are striving to get more from their assets while ensuring maximum safety on board.

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Solutions and Benefits

Our comprehensive offer for energy management and reliable electrical distribution includes MV transformers, MV and LV switchboards, LV circuit breakers, arc flash protection relays, insulation monitoring devices, power management systems.

> Expertise in MV and LV systems engineering
> Integrated and consistent solution from MV switchgear to LV switchgear, including communication capabilities
> 24/7 support worldwide
> Type tested Assembly (TTA) equipment: PIX and MCset (MV),MB301M and OKKEN (LV), to ensure maximum human safety and operational reliability
> One single customer interface for the electrical systems on board

Harmonic Filters

Power electronics with rapid and frequent variations of loads provide many process-related control and energy savings benefits. However the growing abundance of these types of devices on board vessels may create harmonic distortion that affects components of the system. AccuSine PCS+ is the best-in-class active harmonic filter providing mitigation down to 3% THDI.

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Solutions and Benefits

Schneider Electric specializes in harmonic mitigation, offering a broad range of solutions for every demand. 

AccuSine PCS+ is a flexible, high performance, coast-effective solution for stabilizing electrical networks by providing harmonic mitigation, power factor correction and load balancing.

Harmonic mitigation, displacement power factor correction, and mains current balancing
> Flexible equipment installation, optimized space utilization and on-board commissioning program
> Load share or cascade operation of paralleled units for time equalization of the paralleled units for longer unit life
> Complete status and control including run/stop, parameter adjustments, and diagnostics
> Best-in-class harmonic mitigation to 3% THDI

Featured Products and Solutions

Condition Based Maintenance with Digitized Services

Crews are increasingly struggling to secure their critical onboard processes, as a failure of their electrical distribution system could lead to major disruptions. Whether it is for ensuring crew safety, energy availability, or equipment reliability, the electrical distribution system is key.

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Solutions and Benefits

The EcoStruxure™ architecture and solutions transform data into benefits. From anywhere in the world, your ship is connected to our platform and experts from Service Bureau Team. Thanks to EcoStruxure Asset Advisor platform, we leverage key data from your critical electrical equipment on board to provide actionable recommendations. 

We pro-actively send you notifications for information and recommendations for action (work orders). We support you remotely during operations or we manage the onboard intervention of our field service engineers worldwide. 

We provide reports in three categories, including an automated report of raw data executed by our platform, event reports of corrective or preventive actions, and periodic summary reports assessing condition and tips for optimization.

Reduce downtime costs:
> Reduce the risk of unscheduled downtime
> Reduce unscheduled downtime duration 

Reduce repair costs vs reactive maintenance:
> Reduce time to repair thanks to anticipated remote diagnosis
> Reduce the number of device breakdowns/replacements
> Reduce the quantity of corrective actions in emergency 

> Anticipate failures and parts replacement
> Preventive maintenance optimization
> Crew operation optimization
> Be compliant with Class Societies at minimized cost