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    EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert 2019

    Reliable and sustainable solutions to make the most of your remote assets

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    SCADA & Telemetry for upstream Oil and Gas

    A complete solution from wireless instrumentation, Smart RTUs, embedded applications, up to the polling and storage or remote operational and measurement data.

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    SCADA & Telemetry for water and wastewater

    Telemetry and remote SCADA offers to monitor and control the world’s critical infrastructure to help ensure the safe and reliable supply of energy and water resources.

    SCADA & Telemetry Solutions

    You need to maximize field production while improving workplace safety and reducing total costs of ownership. The transfer of data from your remote assets must be secure and reliable. You also need to simplify decision making and enable easy deployment and configuration with a scalable and flexible architecture.
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    Remote monitoring solutions

    All your local and remote assets together in the same architecture
    • EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert 2019

      Built on the success of ClearSCADA, is an open software platform that provides powerful features for remote management of critical infrastructure; scalable for large enterprise environments and is also effective for small systems. Introducing key new features:
      • HTML5 Web client
      • MQTT Protocol

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    • Full HTML5 Web Client

      Any modern web browser can access the database using HTML5 technology:
      • Windows®, Android, Apple®: Desktop, Tablet, large screen Phone
      • Microsoft® IE, Microsoft® Edge, Google® Chrome, Mozilla® Firefox, Apple® Safari

      All operational features are available, including:
      • Alarm banner
      • Inset mimic windows
      • ‘Find any object’ feature

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    • MQTT Protocol

      MQTT is an emerging IoT data transport, supported by new devices and systems. MQTT is a method of moving data, but the content of the data is not standard.
      • We are using a simple ‘JSON’ format anyone could use
      • The format allows point names to be used, unlike Modbus™ which needs numeric addresses
      • The MQTT architecture includes a ‘broker’ which buffers and passes data to/from devices and master
      • The protocol can be secured with certificates for client and server links

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    • EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert 2019

      Scalable: The core of the software’s ability to help protect SCADA investments and help to ensure effective lifecycle management across wide-area network projects – from small systems to large enterprise environments. This allows databases to grow or be split across instances, giving users control over the architecture

      Reliable: Helps to enhance system reliability and security by addressing challenges specific to geographically dispersed assets and resources communicating over disparate media downtime during upgrades

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      SCADA & Telemetry for Oil & Gas

      A complete solution from wireless instrumentation, Smart RTUs, embedded applications, up to the polling and storage of remote operational and measurement data.

      • Upstream – well site management, well site automation, rod pump control, gas & liquid measurements, SCADA Software
      • Pipeline – Terminal management and SCADA Software
      • Managing Your Remote Oil and Gas Assets

        - 24/7 operation of critical infrastructure
        - Disparate field assets deployment and management
        - Strict reporting requirements
        - Liquid/gas measurement
        - Radio and distributed communication networks
        - Harsh environments classification
        - Ease of use

        oil rigs


      > Reliable operations - end-to-end diagnostics and maintenance for uninterrupted operations.
      > Asset optimization - industry-specific solutions to extend production lifecycle of wells.
      > Safety and compliance - wireless access to hard-to-reach measuring points.

      > Integrated solutions with radios, RTUs, instruments. 
      > Harsh environments certifications. 
      > Wide temperature ranges.


      > Extends the production lifecycle of the well.
      > Cost reduction in engineering and deployment.
      > Improves process visibility and compliance.
      > Optimize remote asset production.

      > Minimize risk of managing and operating remote assets. 
      > Minimize cost along lifecycle of remote assets. 
      > Low power consumption.

      SCADA & Telemetry for Water & Wastewater

      Telemetry and remote SCADA offers to monitor and control the world’s critical infrastructure to help ensure the safe and reliable supply of energy and water resources.

      • Wastewater Treatment Plant
      • Wastewater Networks
      • Water Networks
      • Water Resources

      • Managing Your Remote Water Wastewater Assets

        - Critical infrastructure must operate 24/7
        - Strict reporting requirements
        - Harsh environments
        - Wide area deployment of assets

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      > Regulatory compliance: Integrated hardware & software provides audit trail
      > Reliable and secure: Diagnostics & maintenance for continuous operation
      > Energy management: Event logging to optimize operations and save energy
      > Compliance to SCADA standards

      > DNP3, WITS, IEC60870-5 protocols 
      > Manage time-stamped data for database backfilling 
      > Integrated telemetry solutions 
      > Certified for harsh environments


      > Optimize remote asset operations and performance
      > Minimize risk of managing and operating remote assets
      > Reduce costs during lifecycle of remote assets

      > Remote firmware and programming configuration decreases maintenance time and gives central visibility 
      > Low power modes allow battery to last longer, keeping monitoring infrastructure up during power disruptions

      Why work with us

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        Telemetry and remote architectures

        We help you efficiently manage your remote operations and assets during their lifecycle and ensure optimum return on your investment. We transform field data into information that is relevant and instrumental to improve your business.

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        Greater capabilities for greater results

        Smart, efficient, reliable and sustainable management of your remote critical infrastructure, with complete, integrated field-to-enterprise offers: cost of ownership control, secure and reliable SCADA, greater efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance.


      • Default Alternative Text Fine-tune your energy use to help minimize production costs and environmental impact.
      • Default Alternative Text Improve production, energy management and reservoir performance using real-time data.
      • Default Alternative Text Boost production and increase profitability with Realift Rod Pump Control.
      • Default Alternative Text Achieve reliable and effective flow measurement in gas and liquid applications with Realflo 6.91.
      • Default Alternative Text Maximize performance while conserving resources with SCADA Expert Clear SCADA.
      • Default Alternative Text Manage critical infrastructure systems using our integrated, rugged and reliable telemetry & remote SCADA solutions.