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  • Foxboro display at the 1915 World's Fair

    The history of Invensys

    Invensys brand was acquired by Schneider Electric in January of 2014. The Foxboro brand has a history of innovation that continues with our commitment to provide the best products and services to our customers

Refinery illuminated at night, energy management
Invensys is a global technology company with three business segments: Software, Industrial Automation and Energy Controls. Invensys came into being as a result of the merger between BTR and Siebe on 4 February 1999. The name “Invensys” was voted for as the new name of the merged businesses by shareholders on 16 April 1999.

Milestone Dates

  • 1819 Augustus Siebe (1788-1872) moves to London and sets up an engineering practice. He is joined by his son, Gorman.
  • 1908 Foxboro Company established. The family-owned company manufactured machinery and machine tools, and developed a worldwide reputation for industrial controls.
  • 1966 Eurotherm established. Originally Eurotherm produced electronic temperature controllers, but grew into new business areas that enabled it to offer customers world-class solutions in control, data management and process automation.
  • 1967 SimSci established. Primarily focused on plant-level simulations, SimSci helped to optimize processes for the refining and petrochemical industries.
  • 1983 Primarily focused on providing training simulators for operators, Esscor enabled the power industry to optimize performance and increase productivity.
  • 1983 Triconex established. Triconex is now the world's leading supplier of safety and critical control systems to industries around the world.
  • 1983 Avantis established. Avantis combined extraordinary software products and value-added services to deliver Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions, which are now used by more than 700 customers throughout the world.
  • 1987 Wonderware established. Wonderware pioneered the use of Microsoft Windows operating system in HMI automation software for manufacturing.
  • 1990's Siebe acquires Triconex, Eurotherm, Wonderware, SimSci, Avantis and Esscor.
  • 1999 Siebe merges with BTR to create Invensys.
  • 2001 Invensys Rail Systems created. Individual rail-related business units are organized into a specialized business group that became a world leader in the design, manufacture, supply, installation, commission, maintenance and management of safety-related rail signalling and control systems.
  • 2004 Invensys becomes Invensys Controls. Appliance Controls and Climate Controls merge to form Invensys Controls.
  • 2009 Invensys Operations Management is created. IPS, Wonderware, Eurotherm and IMServ are integrated to form a single division. The decision was driven by the convergence of technologies that enable customers to optimise their entire operations, the opportunity to create a continuum of solutions and services for the whole industrial market and the potential for cost savings.
  • 2009 Invensys unveils its new brand. With three core divisions - Invensys Operations Management, Invensys Rail and Invensys Controls - Invensys unveils a new brand as a sign that its turnaround is complete and it is now moving forward.
  • 2013 Completion of the disposal of Invensys Rail. Invensys plc confirms the sale of Invensys Rail to Siemens.
  • 2014 Schneider Electric acquires Invensys.

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