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    180+ years of history and innovation

    Our story is written by generations of people who have transformed our company, and the world, for almost two centuries. Today, our heritage empowers us to innovate at every level – and to ensure that Life Is On.

  • Beginnings 19th century

    The Schneider brothers invest in the Creusot foundries and become major players in the steel and machine industry. Soon, Schneider & Cie. enters the emerging electricity market.

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  • Reconstruction Early 20th century

    After two world wars our company emerges as a diversified business that quickly expands into new markets, including construction and electricity.

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  • Evolution Late 20th century

    The Schneider Group grows through strategic acquisitions and focuses on the electrical industry, energy management and innovative technologies.

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  • Today 21st century

    With a unique portfolio of connected technologies: connected products, edge control and apps, analytics and services, we are the global specialist in energy management and automation.

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    Our great adventure

    Our company was born during the first Industrial Revolution. Nearly 180 years later, and through enduring dedication, expertise, and the combined strength of acquired businesses, we continue to deliver innovation at every level.
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    Milestone dates

    • 1836

      Brothers Schneider acquire mines and forges at Le Creusot, France. Two years later they create Schneider & Cie.
    • 1891

      Having become an armaments specialist, the company launches itself into the emerging electricity market.
    • 1919

      The company expands into Germany and Eastern Europe via the European Industrial and Financial Union (EIFU).
    • 1949

      In-depth restructuring led by Charles Schneider takes place after World War II.
    • 1975

      The Schneider Group acquires an interest in Merlin Gerin, one of the leaders in electrical distribution equipment.
    • 1981-1997

      The company divests from steel and shipbuilding and focuses mainly on electricity through strategic acquisitions.
    • 1999

      The Group develops Installation, Systems and Control with the acquisition of Lexel and adopts its current name.
    • 2000-2009

      Period of organic growth and acquisitions in new market segments: UPS, movement control, building automation and security.
    • 2010-Present

      Schneider Electric further reinforces its position in software, critical power and smart grid applications.

    Today and tomorrow

    We develop innovative, connected technologies and solutions for safety, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.
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    History of our brand

    Throughout history, we have made many technological breakthroughs and strategic choices. Discover some of the business acquisitions that helped build our unique position and technology portfolio.