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  • workers in the Neponset factory c. 1920

    The history of Foxboro by Schneider Electric

    The Foxboro brand was acquired by Schneider Electric in January of 2014. Its history of innovation continues with our commitment to provide you best products and services with superior instrumentation and our award-winning Distributed Control System.

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Foxboro provides products and services in a wide variety of industries: oil and gas, petrochemical, power, pulp and paper, food and beverage, water and wastewater to name a few. Our customers rely on us to help them produce top quality products at competitive prices - safely, reliably and accurately.
Foxboro display at the 1915 World's Fair

Milestone Dates

  • 1908 Brothers E.H. and B.B. Bristol opened shop in Foxboro, MA USA which proved to be fertile ground for their innovative brand of engineering. With hard work and ingenuity, The Foxboro Company was born.
  • 1920's Foxboro developed and implemented refinements in machine shop and assembly line technique while improving control. The result: The first Model 10 Stabilog proportional plus reset controllers.
  • 1940's Joining the war effort, Foxboro lent its manufacturing expertise to build highly complex torpedo mechanisms. For this, Foxboro was awarded the Army/Navy "E" for Excellence Award.
  • 1950's Foxboro made advances in miniaturization leading the shift from large case recorder/controllers and local control to centralized control rooms and introduced the first successful Magnetic Flowmeter.
  • 1970's Foxboro continued to lead its own revolution, introducing the SPEC 200 system - the first true distributed control system - and the VIDEOSPEC with its innovative variable function keyboard.
  • 1980's As Foxboro matured, so too did its DCS. Foxboro developed and launched the I/A Series system – intelligent automation breakthrough that forever redefined how control systems are configured.
  • 1990's Foxboro's DCS system continued to introduce advancements and gain momentum. I/A Series transmitter brings intelligent automation into the field with remote diagnostics and maintenance information.
  • 2000's Innovations continued with Windows NT Server 70 platform, the award-winning CFT50 Coriolis Mass Flow system and DolpHin™ pH sensor for high-temperature applications.
  • 2013 Evolved from decades of collaboration with world-leading processing companies, Foxboro Evo™ Process Automation System elevates the efficiency, productivity and reliability of every operation it controls.

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