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What are the restrictions of Vijeo Designer "Limited Edition" (Unregistered)?

Published date: 28 February 2019

What are the restrictions of Vijeo Designer "Limited Edition" (Unregistered)?

Product Line
Vijeo Designer

Configuration software on Windows PC

The functions of the Limited Edition product are identical to those of the full product with the following restrictions:
It is possible to create and simulate an application for all supported HMI types (Magelis STO, STU, XBTGT, XBTGK, XBTGH, XBTGTW, HMI GTW, HMIGTO, HMIGTU, Smart iPC, Compact iPC, Flex iPC, S-Box PC, Box PC, Panel PC, and Rack PC)
However,  the application cannot be downloaded to a physical HMI except for Magelis STO and STU.
Simulation is only available using simulated PLCs (offline mode).

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