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How do you setup the IO Scanner Device Control function in ProWORX 32?

Published date: 28 May 2019

Goals and Symptoms

To inform users of the correct way to setup the Device Control function within the ProWORX 32 IO Scanner configuration.

Facts and Changes

The following is a step by step procedure of setting up the Device Control function within the ProWorx 32 I/O Scanner configuration.
1. As a first step, assign the appropriate IP address to the module and check the box for enabling the I/O scanner.

2. Open the IO Scanner configuration page and select a card to edit from the Card number pull down list/menu.There may be up to six cards available to edit depending on the PLC type. Each card has an independent set of data values.

3. In the dialog box, enter an IP address in the IP Address field. This address should match the TCP/IP extension for the selected card. See example below.

4. To enable the Device Control, Click in the check box next to the term "Enable Device Control" See below.

5. Then adjust the starting register value for the Device Control in the address edit box that appears to the right. Enter a valid address, which must be either a 3x or 4x address and within the projects configured range. See example below.

6. Click the Show Registers button and a Data Watch Window launches, which displays the health registers and the device control registers.

7. Click the left or right arrow underneath Current Page to switch between health registers and device control registers. Select page 2 of 2. See example below.

8. Click the ... button to open the Bit Display editor. The Bit Display editor shows which bits correspond to which IO Scanner entry (transaction).

9. If you want to DISABLE an IO Scanner Transaction, you would ENABLE the corresponding bit.

10. In the example below the Device Control block bits for Transaction 1 and Transaction 7 have been ENABLED and that means the remote devices specified on line 1 and line 7 of the IO Scanner are NOT being IO scanned. See example below.
(Note: These bits can also be manipulated programmatically)


Causes and Fixes

The IO Scanner Device Control function allows users to disable IO Scanner entries by toggling ON the corresponding bit in the assigned Device Control register.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL179914 V1.0, Originally authored by DaSo on 09/28/2006, Last Edited by DaSo on 09/28/2006
Related ranges: ProWORX

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