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Are there any IO expansions for the Magelis HMISCU HMI controller?

Published date: 26 November 2018

Are there any IO expansions for the Magelis HMISCU HMI controller?

Product Line:
HMISCU, HMISCU8B5, HMISCU8A5, HMISCU6B5, HMISCU6A5, IO expansion, I/O expansion

The HMISCU does not have any IO expansion modules that connect directly to it.
The options would be to use:
  1. Advantys OTB island
  2. Advantys STB island
  3. use a small PLC (M221) with a Magelis (HMISTU) instead of the HMISCU.
There are three Advantys OTB options (they differ in terms of connectivity to the PLC):
  1. OTB1C0DM9LP - CANopen
  2. OTB1S0DM9LP - Modbus
  3. OTB1E0DM9LP - Ethernet MB-TCP/IP
Variants of the TM2 I/O modules can be added to the Advantys OTB island.
The OTB1C0DM9LP (CANopen) version's configuration software is integrated into SoMachine v3.1 and higher.
Example Digital I/O TM2 Module that can be used:
TM2DMM8DRT - Discrete I/O module M238 - 4 inputs 24 V DC - 4 outputs relay- 1 terminal block
Example Analog I/O TM2 Modules that can be used are:
TM2AMM6HT - Analog input/output module M238 - 4 inputs voltage/current high level - 2 output
Here is a link to the OTB and TM2 product range:

What distributed I/O network interface modules are available for Advantys OTB ?

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