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How to mount the LA4DWB in LC1D32G7 contactor while changing(retrofit) from LC1D3210G6?

Published date: 28 November 2018

The old model Contactor is LC1D3210G6(120VAC), with relay module of LA4DWB. (E1 &E2 = 24VDC, A1 &A2 = 120VAC) and it was mounting in the top of the coil point. But in new model of the contactor LC1D32G7(120VAC), the coil connection point is in front side.

LA4DWB is a Solid State Relay interface operated by 24V for Remote closing of Contactor. This module is easily mounted on the LC1D contactor using the below adapter
**LAD4BB adapter is used with LC1D09-38 for mounting the LA4DWB on contactor
**LAD4BB3 adapter is used with LC1D40A-65A for mounting the LA4DWB on contactor
**For LC1D80-95 range, the LA4DWB is directly mounted on contactor

The LA4DWB with LAD4BB is connected in series with the contactor coil (between terminals A1 - A2) and has a varistor paralleling the triac power circuit. This device is then protected against repeated contactor opening coil surges and against most power mains residual transients, adding an extra surge suppressor at contactor terminals.

We herewith attach the catalog page showing the installation of the interface module LAD4BB3+LA4DWB on contactor, in the same way we can mount the LAD4BB3+LA4DWB on contactor.
The interface module adaptor, adapting existing wiring to new product are highlighted in the attached catalog page.

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