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How to use the OPC UA Wrapper and OPC UA Sample Client in OFS

How to use the OPC UA Wrapper and OPC UA Sample Client in OFS.

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Windows 10

The following example demonstrates how to use the OPC UA Sample Client.

  • Install the OPC UA Wrapper and OPC UA Sample Client by selecting the options during the OFs installation.

  • Start the OPC UA Wrapper.
  • After the OPC UA Wrapper opens, the OFS server will start up.
  • Copy the Endpoint URL that identifies the UA server.  This is used by UA client to open a connection..

  • Open the OPC UA Client.
  • Paste the Endpoint URL tinto the textbox next to the 'Connect' button.
  • Click on the 'connect' button.

  • Select the 'Security Mode'.
Note:  The following is a description of the security modes.

None :      no security channel is created between UA Client and Server
Sign  :      a security  channel is created between UA Client and Server (X509 certicates based. The Sample
Client and Server certificates are installed by OFS Setup in %CommonApplicationData%\Schneider
Electric\OFS\UACertificateStores\MachineDefault and trusted at setup in local Windows Certificate Store)
Data are signed but not encrypted
SignAndEncrypt;: same as above but data are encrypted (The encryption username password is the same as
username and password for logging into the server PC..

  • Select the 'Secuirty Policy'.
  • Select the 'Message Encoding'.
  • Select the User Identity Type'.
  • Select the 'User Default Limit'.
  • Click on OK.

  • Enter the username and password.  (If security mode is none, just click on OK).

If the connection is successful, the following window will appear.

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