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Why does the OFS diagnostics window show "Assynchronous write2 rejected for group ##TSEventsGroup##"?

Published date: 22 August 2019

The message Error: Assynchronous write2 rejected for group ##TSEventsGroup## (client #: cliend domain) (uid: #) can show on the OFS log with the customer doesn't follow some best practices.    

Product Line
Vijeo Citect, CitectSCADA, OFS 

CitectSCADA 2018,  OFS 3.62

A reserved OPC group name is to be used at group creation for a TS event porcess and the default name is ##TSEventsGroup##. The OFS can return E_FAIL detected error if one of the operations below are performed:
  • IOPCGroupStateMgt: SetName()
  • IOPCGroupStateMgt: CloneGroup()
  • any OPCSyncIO method
  • any OPCSyncIO2 method
  • write by a nonstandard group
A variable used as TS can't be written, becuase this group is exclusively for subscribe event sources and to operate Synch or Asynch R/W an item must be part exclusively of a "Standard" OPC group. If you see the message below on the OFS log, the first step is to look for write command for TS variables on your SCADA application and remove it. 
"02/02 11:35:01 428ms : Error : Asynchronous write2 rejected for group ##TSEventsGroup## (client 11 : SDSC-SERVERP\Administrator) (uid: 27659)”

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