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How do I turn on the Multi-Pump function on the Altivar 630 Process drive?

Multi-Pump function on the Altivar 630 Process drive

Product Line:
Altivar 600 Process Drive

All serial numbers for Altivar 600 Process Drive


Turn on Macro Configuration to either (Booster Control or Level Control)
[Complete settings] [Macro configuration]

[Complete settings] [Pump functions] [Booster control] [System architecture]

[Pump System Architecture] MPSA would have to be turn on or set to [Single Drive] VNDOL or [Multi Drive]
Firmware version up to 1.5 will give you choice of Single Drive only. Version 1.6 and over will give you choice of Single and Multi Drive.

Once [Pump System Architecture] MPSA has been configured then configure [Nb Of Pumps] MPPN
(max. 6 pumps)

To configure each individual pumps,
[Complete settings] [Pump functions] [Booster control] [System architecture] [Pumps

See the attached document for additional programming assistance.

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