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Why might an ATV930 not Autotune?

Published date: 22 March 2019

Why might an ATV930 not Autotune?

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Altivar ATV930 ATV950

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Setting Autotuning to "Apply Autotuning" results in "No action"

Sometimes the drive's configuration can prevent an Autotune. 
For instance, if the drive’s command channel is from a communication network such as Modbus, then a specific command word order must be sent before performing tuning with the keypad.
1- Power on the drive; ATV930’s state is NST
2- Write CMD = 6; ATV930’s state is RDY
3- Write CMD = 7; ATV930’s state is RDY
4- With the keypad, make “Autotuning” = “Apply Autotuning”; the tune isn’t done
5- Write CMD = 271; ATV930’s state is RDY
6- With the keypad, make “Autotuning” = “Apply Autotuning”; the tune is done
Another possibility is when the drive status is NST.
For instance, if the drive is set for 3-wire control and DI1 is not active, the status will be NST, and an Autotune is not allowed.

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