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What is the scale of the ATV600 and ATV900 Process analog output AQ1 when assigned as motor current?

Published date: 13 August 2019

Needs the scale of the ATV630 analog output AQ1 when assigned as motor current.

Product Line:
Altivar Process ATV630 ATV650 ATV930 ATV950


Need to know how the analog output correlates to measured motor amps.

The default scale is 0 - 2 times the drive's current rating (0-200%)
The drive's current rating value can be found in the installation manual and on the drive label.
Note that the drive's current rating is the same regardless of the Dual Rating (DRT), Normal or Heavy duty.

ATV630D55N4 is rated 106A continuous output.
AQ1 assigned as 4-20mA output for motor current.
motor current at 0A = 4mA output
motor current at 212A (2 X 106 = 212) = 20mA output
It is a linear relationship between these endpoints.

The scaling can be changed with parameters ASL1 and ASH1.  See the Programming Manual for details.

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