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Cannot see load values in Connexium Network Manager

Published date: 22 October 2018

Goals and Symptoms
Cannot see load values in Connexium Network Manager 'Load' window.

Facts and Change
Connexium Network Manager 2.0

Causes and Fixes
The Connexium Network Manager 'Load' window does not show any traffic load between the ports of two Ethernet devices.

The reasons for not being able to see a load value between the Ethernet ports of two different devices (i.e., Connexium TCSESM switch and NOE77101) could be either:
  • Improper configuration.
  • Incorrect VLAN has been selected.
  • No traffic load on the network segment between the ports
If the load values are still shown as zero (0) in the Connexium Network Manager 'Load' window after verifying tha there is Ethernet traffic on the network and the correct VLAN has bee selected, the following steps can be used to determine if there is a load on the port.
  • Check the load values of the connection between the server and the Connexium TCESEM switch port by opening the web interface.
  • Right click on the switch icon and selecting 'Web Interface'.
  • Navigate to "Diagnostics --> Ports --> Utilization" and see whether there is load on the port.

  • Go back to the Connexium Network Manager 'Map' window.
  • Double click on the link between the two Ethernet ports to see what amount of traffic is displaye. (Note: The traffic is normally split between incoming and outgoing load.) to open the load window.

  • Compare the displayed values with the values in Connexium Network Manager 'Load' window with the values found in the Connexium TCSESM Web Server 'Utilization' window.

  • Determine if the values are matched between the two windows.
  • If the values are lower than expected, then there is a probability that there is no traffic being transmitted between the ports.


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