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ATV630 - freewheel stop functionality.

Published date: 01 April 2019

Customer has a ATV630 and is controlling through Ethernet. It is setup in hand to run with the logic inputs. They want to be able to stop the drive while in Coms with a logic input. They do not want to use the STOA and/or STOB, because they do not want to have to power cycle the drive. He was wondering if he could assign a digital input to nst , and stop the drive, even while running totally ( start/stop and speed control) through Communications?
Product Line:
ATV630 drives
Ethernet IP
According to France to stop the drive with Comms, with a log input:
Use 3-wire control (TCC=3-wire control).
DI1 must be ON to run the drive, when you open it, you stop the drive (-->NST).


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