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ATV630: Configuration of pump functions

Published date: 01 April 2019

Customer has a ATV630U07M3.  He has been unable to get the frequency input to display on the I/O map for DI5 and DI6.

He configured the Inst. Flow Assign to DI5 Pulse Input Assign
PI5 Sensor Config
Low Frequency - 0.00Hz
High Frequency – 0.15kHz (He tried many different high frequencies w/ no change)
Min Process – 0
Max Process – 10000 ( He tried many different max scale w/ no change)
Product Line:
ATV630 drives

Pulse Input


 France Response:
 Made the test of pulse input and it's works. Please see the setting used on file attached.

If you still have a porblem, please check that the flow sensors is woking, and check sensor wiring with the drive.
At the end, I recommend you to use the last version of ATV6xx V2.1IE22.
Customer Update: Unfortunately the information from France did not help as it only directed how to scale the signal. However I was able to determine that a pull down resistor was required on the ATV630s for pulse input from an external device

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